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  Air Canada
Flight #7543
Toronto 6:15A On Time F14 
  Air Canada
Flight #7547
Toronto 9:45A On Time F14 
  Air Canada
Flight #7545
Toronto 11:00A On Time F14 
  Air Canada
Flight #7551
Toronto 3:40P On Time F14 
  Air Canada
Flight #7557
Toronto 6:30P On Time F14 
  Air France
Flight #920K
Noxville 0 6:51P N Time 41 O 
  Air France
Flight #800K
Noxville 0 2:31P N Time 57 O 
  Air France
Flight #468V
Aldosta 0 1:41P N Time 40 O 
  Air France
Flight #996H
Artford-Bdl 0 11:21A N Time 7 O 
  Air France
Flight #8CIN
Cinnati 09/ 2:03P Time ON 
  Air France
Flight #2AUS
Tin 09/ 10:21A Time ON 
  Air France
Flight #2551
New York-Jfk 1:59P On Time A11 
  Air France
Flight #2720
Chicago-Mdw 2:14P On Time C55 
  Air France
Flight #9002
Chattanooga 2:16P On Time D38 
  Air France
Flight #5980
Indianapolis 2:17P On Time D14 
  Air France
Flight #5816
Phoenix 2:18P On Time F12 
  Air France
Flight #6809
Pensacola 2:20P On Time D13 
  Air France
Flight #2268
Columbus, Oh 2:21P On Time B34 
  Air France
Flight #2722
Denver 2:22P On Time B20 
  Air France
Flight #9436
Hartford-Bdl 2:23P On Time B4 
  Air France
Flight #2460
Birmingham 2:24P On Time D9 
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