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D² Products Corporation founder David W. Davis' entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to his father J. W. Davis, who founded Davis Coal and Ice business in the 1930s. J.W.'s business moved from ice to oil with the birth of refrigeration technology. Dave's penchant for hard work was created as he delivered ice, coal and oil with his father before heading to college and joining the U.S. Navy.

While in the Navy, Dave became a naval cryptologist, working in a variety of secure communications areas until his departure for Hughes Aircraft Company. Dave learned more about electronics and engineering as he moved from Hughes to NCR to Magnavox, and then worked for a contractor with NASA during the Gemini and Apollo space programs.

In 1970, Dave decided to move from employee to entrepreneur and founded D² Products Corporation. The company was one of the first to develop CRT-based character display systems specifically targeted at transportation industries. The "Infax" product name debuted with the airline industry's first microprocessor and single cable flight information system, which would become the company's key product. In 1985, D² Products became Infax, Inc. Remembering the lesson of J.W. Davis, the company made transitions to each new generation of computing and display technology, expanding its product lines with hardware, software and project engineering services.

More than forty years later, Dave Davis' entrepreneurial and "customer first" spirit is alive and well at Infax as we continue to offer the latest developments in transportation, courthouse, hospital and wayfinding systems. When you team with us, you benefit from the cutting-edge technology of an industry leader and the stability of an industry veteran.

A Dialog With Dave

Sit down for a few minutes with Dave Davis, founder of Infax, as he talks about the company's history and evolution.