Infax | Judicial Solutions | Overview


Infax proudly offers the Infax Judicial Suite, a comprehensive digital signage solution for justice facilities. Our wayfinding solutions seamlessly integrate with the court’s existing case management, jury management and other facility management systems to deliver up-to-date information to the visiting public.

The Infax Judicial Suite helps administrators and personnel manage daily court operations. It provides the power and flexibility to reconfigure your system as your facility changes. All of the products within the suite are scalable solutions that can adapt to fit any size facility from a small courthouse to large judicial systems.

Depending on your needs, you can utilize digital displays and kiosks to show docket and juror information, hearing check-in and even public notices.

The Infax Judicial Suite's seamless integration includes consistent page designs that reinforce your facility’s branding, as well as careful and effective site analysis, display location, and kiosk placement. We bring more than 45 years of experience with digital wayfinding and system integration to your project.

Let us help you build your custom solution with the Infax Judicial Suite Navigator